About  Martizana

In 2013, while I was working in morocco as a volunteer for a French organization, I travelled to Marrakesh for 2 weeks. During my stay, I spend most of my time at the old medina with artisans. I was fascinated by their lifestyle and their relationship with time.

It can undertake them several hours or days to create a unique craft.  Their break times were paced by the rhythm of the muezzin call and mint teas. It was like going back in time for centuries.


Since, I committed myself, to bring Moroccan crafts and artisans the visibility they deserve.

  • We met almost 200 artisans from all over morocco
  • We realized 7 videos highlighting their skills
  • We trained more than 50 artisans to ICT
  • We partnered with young entrepreneurs and designers from USA and Philippines
  • We brought Moroccan handicrafts to the US department of state

Now our goal is to rethink and refresh their crafts so that these stunning products can have a place in more and more homes and hands across the world.

desining morrocan-rug
With weavers from Tislit Village in Atlas mountains