Why We only accept payments via Paypal !

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In this post we explain why we only accept payments through Paypal. Security, reasonable fees and a payment solution used worldwide are the main reasons !

Online payment In Morocco is regulated by the Centre monétique interbancaire (CMI). For 14 years the moroccan e-commerce was monopolised by Maroc Telecommerce the only  Payment Services Provider (PSP). Lately, new players got their licences like Payzone  or AmanPay but the CMI still imposed some constraints on businesses operating in ecommerce. For instance, for setting up thee service they require the payment of a 5000 $ guarantee. For a small business in Morocco, it's a lot. 

Paypal was clearly a good alternative but it wasn't possible to withdraw from our paypal account to  any moroccan bank account. Hopefully, an innovative moroccan bank, Attijari wafabank, launched in 2015 a new remittance service (Attijari-paypal) for Moroccan professionals and companies interested in cross-border e-commerce. No guarantee required, reasonable fees...All good for you and for us !

This why we only accept payments through Paypal. For more details you can check this post on Wamda

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