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Martizana provides one of the best hands-on and after sales services, from design, production, to innovation. They have the most talented and experienced in-house artisans.

I am a customer from Asia but at the end of the day, I felt like I traveled to the souks of Morocco.

Loren - Philippines


Cordoba-nyc is live. Thanks For making it real.

Sou - Brooklyn


I have just purchased an absolutely gorgeous Zouak Table PERSONALLY hand crafted from Martizana!
Buying this table has been a world wide and wonderful adventure!
I found these craftsman online as I had fallen in love with this type of Table.
When I heard back from Sami, I never imagined how much attention and professionalism he and Martizana possess and how very important every step in the process it to them as Artisans!
Sami and I custom designed my table and he and I worked every step of the way to make it had just the design and colors I wanted!
We corresponded many times to get it to my liking..all the time following his passion for perfection and design!
Sami has such insight and vision to understanding the customer and interpreting their wishes and design .
I highly recommend Martizana for anyone wishing beautiful and outstanding Moroccan products!
It has been an outstanding experience working with them and I would love to do so again in the future!

Ellen - Washignton DC.


Just received My moroccan kilim laptop case!
Unique quality piece that reminds me of my home country !

Ikram - Montreal


Calligraphy is my passion. Martizana encouraged to follow my passion and start a business.
My first trainee for calligraphy workshops reached me through Martizana !

Wafae - Morocco


I met Sami in Brooklyn for the first time. three weeks later I was in Marrakesh to develop my kilim clutch brand.

Street food, Moroccan rugs, Artisans, Old media….This is the summary of the 3-day trip.

Ira - New York


One does not think about the amount of work the artisans put into each piece they sell until you actually sit down with them for 5 hours, occasionally drink Moroccan Mint tea, and let them teach you. After the Voyajeurs spent hours with the Artisans learning the art of tazzeouakt (from history to techniques to choice & marriage of colors) and Takimakht (Instruments of folkloric music), I explored a new dimension for collaboration with our Voyaj host Sami El Fakir, Founder of Martizana. We missed out on shopping on the souk, but hanging out with these guys was a lot more meaningful.

Lesson of the day: Learn. Make mistakes. Listen. Stand up. Learn. Fall. Overcome. Keep going

Yasmine - USA